Erobotics & Sex Robots with Simon Dubé

In Episode Five of Season Two we are joined by Simon Dubé from Concordia University to discuss artificial socio-sexual entities. Simon shares with us how people perceive new socio-sexual technologies and how that relates to their individual characteristics, personality traits, and sex life. We also talk about how people perceive these technologies psycho-physiologically in comparison with human romantic or sexual partners. What are artificial socio-sexual entities? How do arousal and sexual interactions differ between sex robots and human partners? Does a sexual interactions between an individual and a sex robot cause one to lose their virginity? All that and much more in Erobotics & Sex Robots with Simon Dubé.


Scheutz, M., & Arnold, T. (2016). Are we ready for sex robots? Paper presented at the The Eleventh ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction. doi:10.1109/HRI.2016.7451772